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Complete Lema Restoration

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Removing Old Deck
Removing The Deck
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Removing Saturated Foam
Removing Wet Foam
3 / 8
Prepping New Transom
Prepping New Transom
4 / 8
Fiberglassing New Transom
Fiberglassing Transom
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Putting in New Foam
Laying Down Foam
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Prepping the Deck for Fiberglass
Prepping Deck For Fiberglass
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Fiberglassing the new floor
Fiberglassing Floor
8 / 8
Appyling new gelcoat to deck
Gelcoat Covering Floor

Barrier Coating A New Boat

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Sanding New Hull For bottompaint.
Sanding The Hull
2 / 5
Half of the boat sanded.
Half Sanded
3 / 5
Anti Fouling Bottom of Boat
Two Coats Of Anti Fouling Primer
4 / 5
Bottom Painting Hull
Topped with one layer of bottom pain
5 / 5
Putting Boat on Trailer
Back on the trailer

Mako Transom Replacement

Removing old rotted Transom
Removing Rotted Transom
Installing New Fiberglass Transom
Installing New Transom
Applying New Gelcoat
Gelcoat Covering Floor

Other Services

New I/O Engine Install
New Inboard/Outboard Engine Install
Install a fiberglass console
Fiberglass Center Console Install